Mini Smudge Kits

The idea for our mini smudge kits came about very naturally. On any given year, we attend 25+ Indigenous workshops, conferences or training sessions. At most of these events, participants are often supplied with notepads, pens and other items in their welcome package which typically include a stress ball or other trinkets. Over the years many participants mentioned how great it would be to be provided with culturally-relevant items: hence the idea!

We provide these as an option for culturally-relevant gifts and to share a piece of our culture with others. Participants started requesting to purchase our kits as gifts for community members or events they were hosting, and our demand grew.

Across Canada you can find many of our indigenous medicines packaged for sale (sweet grass braided, sage bundled, cedar, tobacco in a tin, etc). Where we are located, most have no choice but to purchase their traditional medicines. We, as respectful Mi’kmaq women, are preparing these kits with pride of our traditional culture and hope others enjoy them as we do.

Wela’lin: Thank You

Msit No’Kmaq: All My Relations